Another day

Hi peeps,

So today is another day , weather is overcast and grey looking and windy and normally I would be thinking I don’t want to go out in this and can’t be bothered, we’ll today is another day and I had a read which is something I find difficult to focus on because my mind starts wandering and thinking of another things, but I did managed a chapter ( small steps) 😊 and I’ve done 10 minutes on my step board 😊, and going out shortly with my mark on bike ride, and to get more steps in lol,, so I guess what I’m saying is don’t let the weather put you off doing what you want to do today believe you can and do it. Laters

Feeling motivated

Hi peeps how it’s going , what’s everyone doing on this sunny day , I decided to put my headphones on and listen to music as I walked 35 mins through woods to my destination, I love this time of year , more motivated when the sun is shinning .