Good start to the day

Morning peeps hope your all well , if I’m honest I’ve slipped up recently with my journey , yes I’ve had some naughty nibbles which I crave but to be honest I tell myself why and to be honest I don’t no why but I say just have it , enjoy it and get back on track , I’ve recently caved in to bread and yet I no bread bloated me yet I still occasionally want it so I have it , so this morning guys I’m back to my branflakes with banana


Feeling positive

Morning peeps, today the weather is blustery and wet and looking grey, but is this gonna stop me or you from getting on with your day, for me No, I’m gonna get motivated have breakfast, do some steps on my board and go on bike ride to my boxing group. 😊 Slimming world tonight so keeping positive I’ve not put on pounds but its OK if I have because I no you have to look at over all journey and not every day. HAPPY DAYS


So after having a withing steel for a while and yes it started of great but sadly after a while started to fail to sync and the time get changing by it self , so my partner mark nicholls swapped his withing s

port hr for mine as he had no problem with syncing but today mark has his sports HR back and I’ve got my self a withing steel HR so all round happy 😀